Friday, March 20, 2015

getting below that stuff....

one sentence from the man and he grabs me.
who else?
mister mark nepo.

he wrote this sentence -
'Suddenly I was below what I inherited.'

he was reacting to a bee out of fear because that's how he was raised.
and then suddenly, he was below that fear and decided to not react
in the usual way. he tells the story. and he does great!

he goes on and talks about our rings of safety and our rings of fear...
really good stuff that we should all just get his book and read about.
('the endless practice' by mark nepo)

but that one line -
it just grabbed me.

what are the things we inherited that we aren't questioning
yet have such a part in our lives?
and are they holding us back from truly living?

it couldn't be a more perfect morning for those questions.

i have the world's best partner who pushes me on these things,
who refuses to let me settle in and coast with him.
he pushed again this morning.
and then i read that line.

i closed my eyes and breathed in the timing.

i know the answer to these questions.
and i want to get below what i inherited.

what a beautiful thing to keep in mind this weekend......

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diane in ar said...

just a few simple words that pack a powerful punch when we think on them. . .and what awesome timing with reading it with you and Bob - perfect!!! Tis a beautiful thing to keep in mind. . .