Monday, March 9, 2015

paying attention

if you asked me if i wanted things to be easy,
i wouldn't hesitate.
i would nod with great vigor and say 'oh yes! i really really do!'

but even tho that would be my first reaction,
i don't think it's true.
maybe sometimes, yes.
but a whole lotta times no.

a friend told me yesterday that just because you buy what you think
is olive oil, it doesn't mean you're really buying olive oil.

oh great.

so i got on the computer and started checking that stuff out.
sure enough, it's something to check into, it's something that you can easily
be fooled with, and it's something else to learn about.

one thing led to another, and before you know it, i was checking out
the store 'trader joe's.' - i've kinda wondered about them as i don't see
any labels on their stuff of where things are from. now, i'm not a regular
shopper there, and i haven't made it my mission to look at everything.
i think just here and there i glanced and didn't see any info on that. so i
got curious and read about them as i did the olive oil search.

and i'm thinking that they're not as cool as they appear to be.
not anywhere near it.
since this isn't an article on trader joe's, that's all i'll say - if you are curious,
you can google and read to your heart's content.

thing an entrepreneur, i am completely fascinated by how
the entire store is a package in itself and it is selling the image, even if
there's nothing to back the image with. talk about a marketing wonder.

while i'm not thrilled about that, and think it's wrong, i still find it
incredibly impressive how well they pull it off.

i find if amusing that i am so impressed with it.
but seriously, so many details into making you think one thing,
when reality is something else.

and i thought about that.
and i thought about how we have to stay on our toes.
how we have to pay attention.

we (or at least *i*) want it to be as easy as you walk into a store
that's aimed for the environmentally/health conscious person where
you can pick anything up in there and feel good about it. i want it
to be that easy.

there's a whole lotta people who want that, hence the success of illusions
in advertising.

and there's nothing that easy.
so get over it, terri, and pay attention,
do your homework,
and work for what matters to you.

and ya know, i'm not opposed to that.
in fact, i even kinda like it.
not always.
but sometimes.
i really do.

it's become a world where easy is just so glorified.
and i'm thinking easy really needs to be approached with caution.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wonder if the illusion is more about creating a better reality?
That whole "fake it till you make it" thing.
But then, I wonder if that is just part of being marketed to...
If only I could be sure, I am real...