Friday, March 6, 2015

her white tree

today's quote of the day (which bone sigh arts sends out every weekday morning)
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is one that means a lot to me.
when it first was birthed, i typed out the whole story in a blog here.
that was years ago. and i'm thinking now it doesn't need a story.
if you've been thru something, you already understand.

it's one very close to my heart.
so i wanted to post it here today as well.

it's called 'her white tree'

a tree of life.
a tree of knowledge.
a tree of soul.
a tree of goodness.
a tree of her.
it was her core.
chopped and carved in.
it was still there.
it was still there!
pushing the ashes out of the way,
making room for sunlight and water -
she nurtured it back to fullness,
she nurtured it back to life.
and she and her tree
held the sky and its moon
and together, they danced
and together, they grew,

you can find the print here
as well as a book bearing the same title here.

i thought it was a good quote to post here as we head into our weekends.
your white tree is right there inside of you.
push those ashes outta the way, and make some room for sunlight and water!

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diane in ar said...

This quote is such a heartbreaking, touching one and yet. . .as I read through it the core survives and nurtures and returns to life. . .and grows. . .a reminder that no matter what. . .we can heal, we can grow. . .bring on the sun, the clear water mixing with the tears. . .and grow. . .thank you terri. . .