Thursday, March 5, 2015

for you...thank you...
my fascination with him -
(you can find the blog here, in case you missed it)
well, it was never really with him.
it was the pipelines and the ability to change directions in such radical ways....
all that inspired me to get his biography.

which is hugely long.

i dove in with great interest.
and actually, think it's a great book.
good reading.
thing is,
the guy's a twit.

so i read about his childhood and his dad - who i can't believe
they haven't made a movie out of as he's SUCH a movie character -
and the things that formed rockefeller. and all that fascinating stuff.
but now...actually reading about how he took his dysfunctional self
and made a ton of money......well, i really don't care.

and so i put the book aside.

what i'd rather be reading about is how someone took their dysfunctions
and got beyond them. who took those darn things and left them in the
dust and created a life- a real life - full of love and healthy decisions and choices.

been thinking about that today.

and i realized - i am surrounded every single day by people doing just that.
it's mostly women i talk to, yet i know there's a ton of men struggling with
such pain as well. but the women are the ones i hear from.

their courage, and strength and hope that they carry around with, and that they drop
and lose,and then find again, and pick themselves up again, and grow stronger and
stronger with...THAT is SUCH inspiration.

and i get to hear about that every single day of my life.

in being reminded of that today, i wanted to take a moment and thank
each one of you who has come thru and shared part of your story with me.
thank you for the inspiration, and the light that you bring to my world.

bet you never really thought about comparing yourself to rockefeller before.
but i gotta tell you, i find you way more impressive, and who i want to watch
and learn from.

thank you for bringing who you are to the world.


AkasaWolfSong said...

Thank You for touching my life and that of my Grandson...but more than that, thank you for toughing my heart...

I love what you have shared.

diane in ar said...

. . .and I think I speak for many,
thank YOU for not only letting us share our world, our struggles, our joys with you. . .but thank you for the light YOU bring to the world and to us. . .you are indeed a STAR !!

terri st. cloud said...

thank you, you guys.....