Wednesday, March 4, 2015

worth watching

had an interesting talk with my son today.
and it reminded me of this ted talk i saw.
it's a few years old now. and i honestly didn't go there because of anything in the news now.
i just remembered one guy reaching out.
and how that spiraled and spiraled and spiraled.

it was an Israeli reaching out to the Palestinians.

i went and watched it again this afternoon.
and once again, it brought tears to my eyes.
if you haven't seen it, or if it's been awhile,
come check it out.

i was curious as to what they're up to now.
i went to their facebook page to look.
you can find that here.

i've got absolutely no political point here.
i just remembered one guy reaching out.
and i wanted to see that again.

i'm so glad i looked.

1 comment:

diane in ar said...

I remember that. . .so glad you posted the link so I could be reminded that there is good in the world. . .thank you