Tuesday, March 3, 2015

an interesting thought

ah, mister mark nepo made my eyes pop yet again!

he says this -

'...whatever our blindness, the heart can sink below the noise of its memories
and wounds. .....the heart wakes slowly, and only our gentleness - our willingness
to sink into the depth of things and wait - will let us see and make our way.'

i liked that. but that's not the part that made my eyes pop.

he follows it up with a thought on gentleness -

'codependence is the shadow of gentleness.'

THAT'S the part that made my eyes pop.

any other recovering codependents out there?
thought you might be interested in that thought.

he continues - 'The examples are everywhere and commonplace: not voicing truth
to power, always putting our needs last, being nice instead of authentic, hiding
who we are instead of expressing who we are.'

sound familiar?!

did to me.

and in all his marvelousness he reminds us that being human is all about
course correcting constantly. and it's okay when we slip around.

(from mark nepo's 'the endless practice')

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