Monday, April 6, 2015


i got to go to my favorite hiking spot on easter.

it is truly one of the most beautiful places ever.
i think the whole trail is just over 4 miles,
and almost all of it is walking by the water thru the woods.

there was more water flowing this time than i'd ever seen there before.
and it was just incredible.
tons of little waterfalls, along with a couple of big ones,
and each one had its own special sound.

at one point, i lagged behind the others and just stood and
soaked it all in. i thought of my friend who isn't here to see it.

i figure wherever she is, it's okay with her that she's not seein' it.
she's prolly busy floating in love and light.
but for me, from where i am, she's missing out on something so amazing.
it's something i can't quite take apart.
the belief that it's okay with her, that it's just me that's bugged by it.
i'm just kinda stuck in my own perspective.
stuck on her not being here.

i stood there and thought of her.
the tears came.
and i felt such gratitude to be there soakin' in the beauty.

it doesn't feel like there's enough time sometimes -
enough time to soak in all the glory that surrounds us.

i soaked up big time yesterday.
still have a tiny little waterfall makin' the best sound ever inside my heart.

holdin' it for me........and for my friend.

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diane in ar said...

I have not the right words. . .but you said it all perfectly - thank you for sharing the beauty, the sounds, the tears and the love for your friend. . .holding you. . .