Friday, April 17, 2015

cleaning and living

i got up early to go clean.
i don't remember ever doing that before.
i had planned on getting it all done last nite,
so got up and figured i'd tackle it.
needed to get it out there for trash pick up.

it's my attic.
cleaning it out.
as much as i can possibly clean.
getting rid of everything i need to get rid of.

so much so that i went out and asked the trash guys if they
needed a hand with all the trash i put out there!

this is more than spring cleaning,
it's making room for a new phase in my life.
it's getting rid of my past.

there were donation piles, trash piles, giveaway piles,
piles of piles.

there's something about that kinda cleaning.
where you pick up something you were sure you could never
let go of, and you're perfectly okay with letting it go.

i saw how far i'd come and how much i had changed
and how little the need to hang on was in me.

i liked that.
specially with all the living fully thinking i've been doin' lately.

living fully isn't about hanging on.
it can't be.
cause when you do that, your hands are too full,
your life is too cluttered to have room for the new things awaiting you.

i've got one more big cleaning project ahead of me.
and i'm actually looking forward to it.

living fully isn't about hanging on.
it's about making room
and dancing with the open space of possibilities!


diane in ar said...

Love today's blog - love the example you're setting for all of us - no matter what stage of our life we're in, cleaning and living are great goals - and, from the voice of one older than you. . .if you start the cleaning at a younger age, you'll have less stuff. . .I'm starting the big purge of what 40+ years of marriage has accumulated - not getting divorced or anything, just sensibly moving on stuff that is no longer needed in our lives. . .great post (as always). . .

terri st. cloud said...

thanks, diane. and i think it's great too that you're cleaning....will make any changes along the way that much easier!! i love this! :)