Tuesday, April 28, 2015

quote of the day

i was having a low moment about humanity this morning.
when, without knowing this, a friend dropped me a note.
it was spurred on by the bone sigh quote of the day she got -

'it is in the act of allowing good things to come in 
that lives are transformed.'

she wrote with several examples of that happening in her life or around her.
they were striking to me.
and, yes, i cried.

the timing was perfect.
and i decided to focus on generosity today as one of her stories was filled with generosity.

i decided to quietly be generous today.

in my line of work, there are plenty of opportunities. so it's easy finding the chances.
but the looking for them and the grabbing them with joy - this has turned my day around.

and then i realized........that's it -
that's the bone sigh today -

allow good things to come in and transform your life.

hello terri.

maybe i need to remember that on days humanity bums me out.
and maybe i need to remember that *i* am humanity.

1 comment:

diane in ar said...

perfect - love the thought-provoking blog today - generosity, allow good to come and that we are a part of all humanity. You really covered a lot. . .