Wednesday, April 29, 2015

who you've become

i just unplugged a massive amount of cords that went into a battery backup.
as soon as i turned the backup off, everything went out.
computer, printer, phone, light.



you can do this, ter.
i breathed a bit faster as i was nervous.
if i couldn't put it back together, i was stuck as no one is around right now.

it's right in the middle of a work day.
a bit dumb on my part....

but as you can see, i'm up and running.


there was a time i wouldn't have even tried.

last nite i moved a four drawer filing cabinet up three steps
and across my house. got a dolly and a ramp.

again.....there was a time i wouldn't have even tried.

someone told me this morning that i've changed a lot and i can
handle the changes in my life now because of that.

i liked that.

i forget i change and grow.
i forget i learn.
i doubt myself.
i fear my own weaknesses and lose track of my strengths.

i'm thinking i'm not the only one.

look back ten years.
where were you?
how much stronger are you?
what all have you learned?
how many areas have you incorporated what you've learned?

when you're afraid, is it ultimately your own abilities you're doubting?
look back.
own what you've become.
own who you've become.


diane in ar said...

Like you I am only recently realizing the stuff I'm made of - my list of current 'can do's surprises me - things I either never thought I could do ten years ago, or things that come up that I had to deal with because no one else could... and I was fine - this kind of change is so good, isn't it ter? I'm so much stronger than I was ten years ago - in more ways than one. . .all part of honoring ourselves and who we've become. . . Does this mean we're finally 'grown up'?

terri st. cloud said...

oh no! lol! maybe growING up?! grinin' at ya!

diane in ar said...

I agree, growing up, not grown yet, we gotta let our inner childs (?) play and go down slides too. . .