Thursday, April 30, 2015

really truly need to retain this one.....

last saturday nite i was left alone with one of my sons.
we smiled when we realized we were unsupervised -
and we headed out to get junk food.

i want to say it was a mistake,
but actually, it was a good thing,
i just totally felt like i poisoned myself that nite.
oh man.
i could just feel it.
and i really got to thinking about that.
and it inspired really healthy eating since then!
i have been a health nut all week.
and i feel so good.

i've been eating right and exercising right.
and i can feel it in my mood, my movements, my living.

why oh why oh why oh why don't i stick with this???

i am so conditioned that 'fun' is the junk food -
when truly i'm so much more fun when i'm healthy.

i thought i'd type about it today to reinforce it in myself.
to remember next time i wanted to grab some snacks to add
to the fun - to just REMEMBER THIS!
it feels good when i feel good.
life feels good when i feel good.
i feel good when i'm healthy.

hello, terri.
can you please remember this?!


diane in ar said...

makes me smile. . .we so know when we're eating 'wrong' that it's not right. . .let's be healthy!!! Reinforcing it in me too! Will remember - along with you. . .

terri st. cloud said...

we can egg each other on, diane! and be gentle with each other when we don't quite get there!

diane in ar said...

Sounds like a great plan - poptarts - stay away from me !!!!

let the egging commence!!!