Sunday, May 10, 2015

for my sons...

we laughed.
we talked.
we cried.
we got mad.
we got strong.
we learned.
we grew.
we understood.
we misunderstood.
we hurt each other.
we forgave each other.
we leaned.
we supported.
we cheered each other on.
we shared our victories, our sorrows,our fears and our candy.
we snorted at inside jokes.
squeezed together in tight places.
ate off each other's plates.
stole bites from each other's desserts.
made home made presents.
repaired broken pipes and broken hearts.
mopped up spills of drinks and of life.
gave each other treats, headaches and hand-me-downs.
we shared one tiny bathroom
in one small house
with one big yard.
we played capture the flag and tag and hide and seek.
we played cards, board games, and pit.
shouting louder and louder each time.
we watched storms roll in.
we watched blue skies come back.
we learned math, english and psychology.
we read books.
built things.
exploded stuff.
i squirmed, you laughed.
i worried, you proved me wrong.
we laughed.
we talked.
we cried.
we got mad.
we got strong.
and every step of the way we became a team.
you've grown up.
i've grown old(er).
you've moved out.
i've moved in.
mother's day comes and brings the memories.
mother's day comes and tugs on my heart.
mother's day comes and wraps a knowing around me.
mother's day comes and fills me with gratitude.
three sons.
i gave birth to you.
three suns.
you gave life to me.
happy mother's day!


diane in ar said...

This is beautiful....loe the love in these words and in your family....Happy Mother's Day ter!!

Welles said...

That made Mother's Day real.

♥ Welles

margy said...

You, my dear, have yet again put words to what had seemed to be 'un-wordable' feelings of the heart about grown-up children. I have been going through so many deep and loving emotions about my sweet, now-grown children lately - such gifts they are to me. We are so very, very Blessed. Thank you beyond measure yet again.

terri st. cloud said...

thanks, you guys!!