Tuesday, May 12, 2015

more gold nuggets to offer

worked late last nite.
when i finally finished, i landed at my kitchen table with some dinner
and my mark nepo book.
the window was open, it was dark outside, and the frogs were singing up a storm.

i sat there and just listened to them for a bit.
i love my frogs.
they make me think of my kids.
they sound like miniature monkeys out there.
i can hear the different ones and the different sounds and it makes me
think of my very big gorilla guys.

i eventually turned to mark nepo's book ('the endless practice') and was reading
about emptiness and hollowing out. he talks of the hollowness of musical instruments
and says 'this is a great example of the necessity of emptiness in order to make music.'
i smiled. i've heard that kinda thing, but loved the reminder. 'i really want to remember
that' i sat there thinking.

and then he went on and talked of open spaces.
he mentioned the grand canyon, tops of mountains, and the ocean.
'the mystery and magnificence of life somehow shimmers through the magnitude
of the openness.'

'whether the grand canyon or the depth opened by our heartache or an
empty theater, the resource is equal to the space opened. consider how a simple well
dug in the ground can only hold as much water as the well is deep. and so it is with us.
the digging is always painful, because experience hollows out the instrument that is us.
yet, somehow, the bottom of personal emptiness, if we can reach it, brings us to
a common song of being.'

i love this man.
i love this thought.
and i wanted to share.

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diane in ar said...

Mark Nepo is indeed a wise man. . .thank you for sharing his words with us. . .