Wednesday, May 13, 2015

'i want to be under the sky,' she said.
'why?' i asked.
'because it reminds me how small things are -
even when they feel big.
and if i just look up,
i'll know i belong somewhere.
i'll remember the sky inside of me.'
plopping down next to her,
we rested in the breeze
and let the clouds float over us.

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diane in ar said...

I love this - I will do it in my mind right now though instead of on the grass - because it is tick and chigger season in the Ozarks. . .but, I CAN lay on the hammock and look at the sky, or the floor and look at it out the window - the important thing is the looking and letting the clouds float and remembering we're a part of it all and it's a part of us. . .thanks ter