Thursday, May 14, 2015


not too long ago i was sitting at panera waiting for a friend for tea.
i went early to write and ended up next to a table of older people just shootin' the breeze.

i'm pretty good at tuning people out - a fine art i learned in school -
so i did tune these guys out. but before i did, i caught a bit of their conversation.
and the feeling of their group.

i wrote about it.

and then, again, later, i found myself near a similar group and i thought of this piece.

thought i'd post it here to remind us of who we want to be.
or who we don't want to be.

she could see it -
Oooooh -
a huge black cloud over top of them.
they made it bigger and bigger with each angry judgmental thing they said.
ohhh - a flash of lightning -
not the pretty kind -
the angry kind -
just crashed over his puffy face.
no wonder they sat hunched and walked stiff and slow -
they had to hold a lot of gunk inside them.

really really made me think about what i wanted to talk about with people
and how i wanted to do that.....and why i wanted to do that......

good stuff to keep in mind.

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