Monday, June 8, 2015

go figure

so this was one of those 'wow, terri, you really have come a long way' moments.

my guy and i really could not be much more different on the top level of life stuff.
there was quite a lotta amusement about that fact goin' on while we did some moving
in of his stuff this weekend. honest to pete, we couldn't be much more opposite.

and in knowing that, and in realizing that my house is completely and totally me,
i wanted to make a few changes to let him know that i really did think of it as
his place too now. i want it to be a place where both personalities can feel at home.

well, that's a challenge.

ask this artist's new roommate what his favorite color is and he'll tell you camo.
i kid you not.
let's just take a moment and breathe that in.

things like this are the things that freaked me out years ago and convinced me 
we could never co-habitate. 

little did i know that i would get so comfortable with who this guy was,
that i would actually pick out and purchase a CAMO rug for our living room.
(who even knew they had such a thing???!)'s not as horrible as it sounds.
turns out, for those of you not in the know, there's many different kinds of
camo to choose from. and this one actually works okay.

i know. i know.
i really do know.


when i saw it had been delivered on my porch as i pulled in with a load of his
stuff, i squealed in delight. perfect timing!

and when we got it down and put his couch with it - ohmygosh, i actually liked it.
go figure.
and to me it just shouts out 'i love you and i love who you are.' every time i see it.
i think the rug at least whispered that to him as well.

gonna top off the housewarming goodies with a camo bedspread for the bedroom.

and yes, i actually laughed out loud as i typed that.

and yes, i'm actually delighted.
i am the world's biggest nester and aesthetics mean everything to me.
and i woulda never ever ever believed this would happen.
but what totally thrills me is this -
there's enough of me all over the place, that i'm not only perfectly fine with
making room for him - i WANT the differences mixed together.

i actually think our differences are part of our beauty and i'm celebrating them.

what used to scare me now has become embraced.
and that has taken years to happen.
years of work.
years of trust.
years of respect.
and i gotta tell ya, it feels way way good.


diane in ar said...

Smiling with you. . . .

margy said...

Now THAT is what is called honoring yourself - so very happy for your joy - think your fella's in for a wonderful adventure also!

Merry ME said...

So happy for you.