Friday, June 5, 2015

smiling big, eyes wide......and here we go!

my life is changing this weekend.
that guy of mine is finally moving in.
i gotta tell ya, i wasn't sure this day would ever come.
between the two of us, it's been a long time happening, baby.

i read something years ago about decisions.
it said to make one and see how your insides react.
pay attention to your reaction as it tells you a lot.

i was pretty darn scared to actually make the decision -
but once i did, totally felt right.
and except for a few panic moments here and there,
i have been giddy with excitement and carrying a deep knowing that it's time.
today i can hardly contain myself.

and the significance of what we're doin' makes me eyes go so wide.

it's hard as i want to type out the really cool stuff.
but ahhhhh he's way more private than i am.
so i am respecting that.

but the general part of it all is what i'm celebrating here -
the overcoming of fear and the stepping into love over and over again.
the messing up, the trying over, the learning of each other that we are constantly doing
and the teaching each other how to love.

i don't expect bliss.
i really don't.
i expect a whole big learning curve.
and i think i'm more excited about that than bliss.
cause i can see how far we've both come and how much we've both grown together.
and to me, that's the coolest thing ever.

taking each other's hands, we go further down the road.
seriously? what more could i ask for?


diane in ar said...

so happy for you two - so happy !!!

what blessings and adventures are before you. . .

margy said...

I'm so incredibly proud of you terri - and you are SUCH an inspiration to me. Your courage and joy for life is such a positive, affirming thing. My brother ends all of his messages with this - may it be for you and your love -----peace and joy abound
take plenty and
more to pass around
may it be so
grace and peace, Margy

terri st. cloud said...

thank you so much, you guys! it's a HUGE move for me! it feels good to believe in it. :)
thanks for being happy with me!