Thursday, June 4, 2015

a great question

i was reading mr. nepo last nite. and he talks about connecting with each other
and he says 'I want to feel the one certainty on which your life stands, so I
can have the courage to show you mine.'


so i stopped right there and asked myself 'what's the one certainty on
which my life stands?'

i've got some vague answers floating around.
but if you asked me that at a party, i'd only be able to give you vague paragraphs.

i want to be able to answer that.
REALLY answer that.
the thing tho - he's not asking for it in words.
he's asking to FEEL it.

i think he would feel it if he was standing there talking to me.
i honestly do.
so how come i can't put it into words?
yet i know i carry it around with me?

i think this is so cool.
and something to really mull.

and i thought maybe someone else would enjoy it as well.
so i'm sharing.


1 comment:

diane in ar said...

definitely hard to put in words - it's like the feeling we feel when we meet someone we just know is good-hearted and loving. . .we feel it. . .

But if we are to name it - yup, that's harder. . .especially for ourselves - somehow we know the feeling in others, but to name our own. . .lots of thought on that one. . .

thanks ter for getting my mind going this morning. . .