Wednesday, June 3, 2015

toasting our survival systems

i heard from someone the other day who has DID.
(that's the split personality thing)
she told me a little bit of her story, and yeah, she had a really good reason to have that.
i've met quite a lotta people with DID thru bone sighs,
and i've never heard a story where it didn't make sense to me that these people had this 'disorder.'

thing is, mostly people feel ashamed of it, or uncomfortable talking about it.
at least, that's what i've experienced with the people i've met.

and i just don't see it the same way.
granted, i don't have to live with it.
and i can see that it is a terribly difficult thing to have to deal with.
i get that. it's never lost on me.

at the same time tho, i am amazed and impressed that the people survived what
they did how they did.
i so wish we talked about it more because i think it's terribly misunderstood,
and incredible what the mind can do to protect a person.

then i got to thinking about all kindsa things that go on with all of us.
'mental' things.
and how much we fight them and hate them being there.

we forget that our bodies/minds are truly trying to work with us and help us.
and honestly, the extent that they do that is incredible.
i think this holds true with every single one of us.

and i think the more we can see that, the more we can work with ourselves.
and the more we build the trust in ourselves.

so, today, i'm taking a break and toasting all the stuff inside me that can
feel crazy that i fight and thanking it for being there and trying to help.

and for those out there who have to struggle with living with DID,
i toast your unstoppable spirit and your ability to survive.

i hope one day we can all openly talk about this stuff and help each other heal.

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diane in ar said...

perfect - your words, compassion, toasting - perfect. . .here's to survival!!!