Friday, October 24, 2008

floaty things

he's one of my favorite authors.
stephen levine. buddhist guy who wrote
'who dies.'
if you haven't read it, i highly recommend it.

he's always talkin' about steppin' outta yourself
and lookin' and watchin and sayin' 'who is it that's
feelin' scared?' or whatever.

so i was edgy.
knew why.
knew it was yet another control issue.
jeesh. i am one heck of a control freak.
so was walkin' and lettin it go....

and i scrathed my ear.
and it started.

who is it who's got an itchy ear?
who is it who's lips taste like good and plenty?
who is it who's edgy?
who is it who's tired?
who is it who sees heaven?

and on and on i went....

it was the most awesome thing.

i'm always tryin' to find my 'core.'
who i really am.

apparently, that's typical of my personality.
but ya know what, it's kinda dumb.

cause that core is a whole lotta floaty things
that change constantly....

and as i walked i saw how floaty it all was....
or at least i saw a little bit of how floaty it
all was....

thought it was kinda cool.
the control didn't seem so important anymore........

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