Tuesday, March 3, 2009

birthday letters

it's my elderly neighbor's birthday today.
lunch break will be down at georgia's today
celebrating with her.

i decided to write her a letter to let her
know how much she's touched our lives.

as i typed it, i went back over the 17 years
we have known each other. and all the life that
has passed between us.

wow, it really brought up a lot for me. and
showed me how much we've been involved with
each other's lives.

i don't know.....it seems like this might be
a really cool custom. maybe not on everyone's
birthday every year. would be hard to make it
meaningful. but maybe on special birthdays it
would be something to keep in mind.

whenever it's a birthday anyway, i stop a minute
and thank the universe that that someone is here.
i like birthdays because of that. it helps remind
me that they are a gift and their presence is
something that matters.

this letter idea really solidifies that big time.

this woman has touched my life.
i knew that.
but when i started writing her.....i REALLY
knew it.

tears ran down my face as i wrote.

think i need to do this more often!


Anonymous said...

my birthday is 10/11. sign me up for a letter please! (aren't I the bold, bossy one?!)

Lisa said...

what a beautiful idea terri- thank you for sharing x