Thursday, March 26, 2009

compassion and tweaking

funny....the newsletter had already landed in my box.
but i was busy, figured i'd check it out later....
and then my friend forwarded me the same newsletter.
ohhhh....hmmmmm maybe it's time for me to check this out.

and yeah. no surprise. perfect timing.
of course.

what i got out of it was to take a break and show
some compassion to myself. i knew i needed to because
tears welled up in my eyes as i read the piece on

and so i did.
i stopped everything, turned to myself and looked
at what i had been wrestling with. told myself that
it was okay. stop wrestling. it was okay to feel
what you feel....and i showed myself some compassion.

it felt so incredibly good.
i soaked it up like a sponge.

why do i needed outside messages to remind me to do
i show it all over the place around me, but to me,
i just forget.

sometimes when something's wrong between me and someone,
all i want is for them to understand my feelings. that's
it. just understand what i'm going thru.

with myself, tho, i'm always tryin' to tweak.
tweak it here and you'll react better....whatever.

when maybe if i just show myself some understanding,
the tweaks will happen naturally.....

hmmmm....what a concept.


christie said...

Interesting how it's so easy for us to have compassion for others and yet find it difficult to have it for ourselves, we see our mistakes so clearly. Great post

Anonymous said...

I find myself so very hypercritical of myself as opposed to thinks we try way to hard some times. Or at least that's what I've been told. *smile* I need to remember that. And just be.