Wednesday, March 25, 2009

methods of staying sane

i'm honestly not sure i would stay sane if
i didn't walk.
it occurred to me this morning that i have
always walked. my whole life.

i used to walk everywhere.
when i was a kid i opted to walk to elementary
school instead of getting rides.
why would you ride when you'd be inside all day??
i'd walk and look at the sky!
i vividly remember walking to my elementary
school fixated on the sky one day and how it
looked like a big dome overhead that day.
like a cathedral ceiling. i was actually late
cause i got so lost in this~!

when i was in high school i can remember when i
needed to sort thru things on my insides, i'd
pass on taking the bus home with my buds and
i'd walk home alone to think.

on my breaks when i was a mom of young kids,
i'd go walk.

when i was splitting up with my husband, i walked
several times a day!

and now, i honestly think i'd be a different person
if i didn't get the walking in.

everyone needs their own version of a walk.

i was curious what others' versions were. if you feel
like it, post a comment and tell us. i think it would
be cool to read....

and if you don't have something....maybe it's time.
ya think?


Anonymous said...

I walked too when I was a kid. Just about everywhere. Took rides to school when it was raining hard.
But not snowing. I loved to walk in the snow.

Rode my bike when I had to go a lot further (read:wanted to escape in the hills) and wanted to get there faster.

But mostly the time thing didn't matter so much. Didn't matter if I got there in 10 minutes or 30 minutes. It would still be there when I got there.

I still walk. Not as much but I do. I tend to meander tho....

Merry ME said...

Though it is not nearly as healthy for me as walking is for you, the shower is the place I go for sanity. Or maybe it's to wash off the insanity. I shower to wake up or before I go to sleep. I like really hot steamy showers. I the summer time, I like cool gentle showers (or a dip in the pool- it's all about the water). I can be alone, think whatever I want, cry, rage, melt into a pool of emotion or relax every muscle in my body - including my brain. If I were freer to come and go as I please, this water therapy might take place in a swimming pool, but the shower is right down the hall. Ahhhh, blessed relief.

Anonymous said...

Just disappear into a book, movie or music. I can immerse myself and have zero situational awareness. I love it

Sarah said...

I didn't have anything specific for a while, but I'm finding that running is a great way to lose myself in my thoughts. I also have a tendency to reason things out while I'm coloring in a children's coloring book or in the shower, but I'm really enjoying running these days.