Wednesday, March 25, 2009

lost in the thicket

my head was mass confusion as i walked today.
overload on stuff.
getting nowhere inside.

when what line pops into my head from nowhere.
(i really really wonder where nowhere is.)

'the little girl lost in the thicket.'

just like that.

a weird phrase that just lands in.

yeahhhhhh i think.......
she's not here with me right now....

she's lost in the thicket. that sounds

i get a little teary eyed.
think about all the people who need stuff
from me.....
what about her???

she got lost in the thicket....

what struck me right away about it was
just about half an hour earlier i looked
at myself standing in front of a mirror
and honestly.....not making this up.....
i was like WHO IS THAT?!
i was totally old looking and i didn't see
any spark or youth.
it was a total shocker.
not that i can't look old.
i'm gettin there fast. but i don't usually
look THIS old!
not good.
and i couldn't figure out why i looked like

well...that came to mind as soon as i heard
the lost in the thicket phrase....

that flame, that spark, that youthful stuff...
lost in the thicket.

funny how i can go in and out and up and down,
and lost and found so often....

so....i found her, the little one lost....
and she's sitting on my lap right now.
not sure where that leaves us....we're not dancin'
yet. we're just sittin' and bein'.

and that feels right.

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