Wednesday, March 4, 2009

don't pay any attention to this one!

so what are you doin' readin' this one?!

this is just a test for my buddy doin' the
international woman's day.

just ignore this one!

okay, ms. mar!
i'm typin' my blog here and i'm tellin'
everyone about the great day it is
and i then i go ahead and want to include
the link.

i can just cut and paste it...
or i can be really cool and i can type the
words 'click here' (or any words i think
are cool)

then i'll take my mouse, and click back over
on 'click here'. it'll turn blue.
while that's still blue i'll go take my mouse
and click on that third thing in up top where
you have the b for BOLD you have the i for italic
and you have the thing that looks like a weird toothy
smile with a green beard. (third thing in)

click on that.
a box pops up. you put our link in there.
it types all this stuff in the body of your

it looks weird to you, but you go with it.
then you hit publish post and ta da!
it's set.

now i'm gonna do that and then i'll go check
and see if the link and card work!

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