Wednesday, March 11, 2009

a good road together....

i was talking to him about 'the old days'
and how scary some stuff had to be for

men too, he said.

nahhh i said. not like with women.

oh yeah, he said.

then we good naturedly argued the point.

he ended his argument with 'how would you
know? you've only been a woman and a tree.
you don't know about being a man.'

i laughed.

this is the guy who never even talked
about reincarnation before i met him.

this is the guy who almost choked on his
popcorn the first time i told him i was a
tree in my past life.

what kind? he asked.

a weeping willow i replied without missing
a beat.

now he tosses it out freely and easily.

neither one of us believe it.
but we both talk like we do.

and i smile at how far we've come together....