Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the lady in the tree top....

we have this great oak tree in our front yard.
it's right by the road. and it will be cut down
real soon. they're widening our road.

it's a tough one for me. real tough.
and i don't even really want to talk about it...

today as i came in from a walk, i stepped
in my front door and turned to look at the tree.
i stood there staring at it.

there was a circle in branches up top.
i've never ever seen that before.
a circle.
in fact, i don't know as i've ever seen that
in any tree before, let alone this one.

and as i looked at it i saw a whole figure.
a neck, the arms, the whole figure.
there was a figure in my tree.

i just stood there staring.

yo came by.
whatchya lookin' at?

look at this yo.
do you see this???
do you see that circle???

he did.

do you see the body???

he did.

we just stood there lookin' at it....

no. i can't even bring myself to say the
tree gave me a sign or anything like that...
but i do know i've loved that tree from day
one....and they're taking it away from me...
and there's a woman dancing in the top who
will not be daunted....


Serial Man said...

You could honor that tree by making something out of it. Get the boys to cut up a section of it and have at it. Might take you in a whole new direction. Beats just throwing it away

Merry ME said...

Pictures please!

And yes, I agree with Serial Man, making something from the tree is a great idea. Are there any acorns around? Maybe you could collect them, plant them, and replant a whole little dance troupe of your very own somewhere out of the way of streets and people moving in.

Anonymous said...

you could be that undaunted dancing woman.

i feel sad, too, though.