Wednesday, March 11, 2009

a hugger or a mugger?

so i really had enough of the ride today
and was ready to call it quits.
a hot shower, a book, no interaction.
enough already. i was just beat.

but he called and left a message.
my elderly gentleman friend...the one
i want to honor with an open heart
(see several posts below)....

i really felt like i was on my last thread...
but what the heck.

and so i called.

this man never ever ceases to amaze me.

he was so sensitive and he started talkin'
shakespeare to me. i love shakespeare too.
and he feels the same way about him....

he was explaining to me how it would help
someone i knew struggling. if she read some
of shakespeare. and he explained all about
inner struggles.

he's the most amazing man who got lost in
the shuffle.....

and then we were gettin' ready to hang up
and he said something about 'that first hug
i ever gave him.'

i didn't know what he meant.
so i stopped him and asked him.

that's when he made me belly laugh....
he said 'didn't i ever tell you before??'
and he proceeded to tell me that the very
first time i ever hugged him, he thought
i was gonna pick his pocket.

i burst out laughing.

you're kidding, right?!

he wasn't kidding.

he said he couldn't figure out why i was
hugging him.

and i laughed harder.

then he said when he got to know me,
he realized i wanted to hug the world.
and he felt so ashamed of himself.

i was laughing so hard i was crying.

he was laughing hard too.
it was like such a relief for him to tell
me. he said he felt so guilty.

oh man.
i told him he was perfectly justified in
thinking that.
i mean, what the heck was i huggin' him
for, anyway?! and we just laughed and laughed.

oh man.

i was so worn down when i picked up the phone
to call him....
he just gave me a whole new wind in my sails....

headin' out with laughter on my face.....

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