Sunday, March 22, 2009


mary posted the question if you can be any
instrument in the orchestra, which would you be?

oh man.
which would you be?
do you know right off?

my first thought was a violin.
they just make me weep.

then, i don't know, sometimes i'm so way
a flute. and then there's piano days...

definitely cello moments.......

then it kinda dawned on me......
we're all of them, aren't we?
just different ones at different times.

maybe just different ones solo,
but they're all in the background all
the time.

ya think???

so what if you look at it that way.

okay. i'm havin' a cello moment.
but instead of lettin' the cello take over
the whole let the music of
all the instruments come thru.

sometimes i think i need to work on that
more. a lot more.

i'll just hear a cello....
i'm thinking that's my sad mood.
and i'll forget the flute playin' in
the background......

and that is too important not to notice.
it balances the whole musical piece.

oh ho ho ho.

well, this is gonna be fun to play with
all day.

thanks, mary!

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