Sunday, March 22, 2009

sunday's tidbit

a sunday morning book tidbit.
again from 'my grandfather's blessings.'

'sometimes we live in ways that are too small,
and in places that focus and develop only a
part of who we are. when we do, the life in us
may become squeezed into a shape that is not
our own. we may not even realize that this is
so. despite this, something deep in us that holds
our integrity inviolate will find ways to remind
us of the breadth and depth of the life in us
and assert its wholeness. may take many years before we can draw
the sword from the stone personally and know
who we are. before this time, our integrity
may reach out without our knowing to parts of
ourselves that have been denied and disowned,
to feed them and strengthen them until we can
come back for them.'


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