Sunday, March 22, 2009


yesterday afternoon i found myself sitting
outside havin' a drink with bob and josh.

i was havin' my favorite drink.
and i was in a good mood, aware that what
was happening right then was precious.
not just the drink, altho that really was...
but the company.
i sipped every sip slowly and loved every
bit of it. both the drink and the company.

i read on the label (of the drink, not the
company) that it is an
'enticing source of wonder, inspiration
and antioxidants.'

i laughed and said that's why it's so delicious.
and i meant BOTH the drink and the company!

we talked about serious stuff, we talked about
goofy stuff, and we talked about weird stuff.
and i so treasured the time with the two of them.

later that nite, i sat in the living room with
all the guys. we had saved up some stuff during
the week we had wanted to talk about when we all
gathered. so there was plenty of conversation and
bantering goin' on.

i snuggled in on the couch and again, drank it in.

i remembered something bob had said earlier.
something like........when you're in your twenties,
you're invincible and you have forever. what's yours,
you take possession of, you own. i'm not there anymore.
i know how fleeting it all is. it's all a gift now.
every single day is a gift.'

i pulled up the cozy blanket and listened to my guys
jokin' around.

i knew how fleeting it all was....and i knew what a gift
it was.....and i sat back and let it fill my heart....

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