Thursday, March 12, 2009

a sunshine break

i needed to go visit her,
but wasn't really in the best frame of

i know.
a walk.

she could use some sunshine and so could i.

so i walked on down to visit my elderly

she had her 'house coat' on and i thought
she wasn't gonna dig the idea of a walk...

but she lit right up.
and she scurried off to change.

and so we walked.
not too far, not too fast....
down the street to see the construction
and a little beyond to visit with a
neighbor outside.
they talked fertilizer while i stood
by and soaked up the sky.

as we headed home, the gorgeousness of
the day just overtook me.

i was havin' trouble gettin' grounded
why don't i know by now??
just go out and get regular doses of
the sky....

we're takin' a sunshine break, i had told

guess i really needed it.

once again....i thought i was doin' it for
her....and as usual, i got more out of it
than she did......

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