Monday, March 2, 2009


oh wow......
i just watched a movie.
i rarely watch movies.
always a little short on time.

i watched this one on purpose.
this was actually part of my 'work.'

it's about a woman who dies from cancer.

i do NOT recommend it for anyone dealin'
with cancer right now.

i watched it because we're working on a cancer
site and i wanted to watch this so that
i would keep in mind what it is that we
are really doing.

i am still crying and the movie's over.

my gosh.
it's called 'wit' and it was soooooo powerful.

so so so powerful.

and once again how i live is knocked into
my face.

what i do with my time, how i live, how
i treat the gift i've got right now....

and how much incredible pain people go thru.

i so want to help.

and the tears roll down my face.

i not only want to grab my life and take it
and hold it and appreciate it and live it and
use it and offer it....

i so want to hold everyone in their pain.

guess you could say it was a good movie.

i'm so glad i watched it.

there won't be anything mechanical in me
as i help build this site we will be offering.

to all those who are healthy....grab it, and
to all those who are sick....i so wish i could
hold your hand with you.

off to find an entire box of kleenex...

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