Thursday, April 30, 2009

aligning me

i guess i had enough warnings that my walk
may not be as smooth as i'd like.

zakk got up, looked at me and said 'woe,
you look like how i feel.'

uh oh.

then yo walked in and sorta backed up.
lifted an eyebrow at me and said 'you

oh great.

'do i look THAT bad?!!'

there was quick denial from yo.
so i knew.
i looked that bad.

i went off to bounce.

as i walked back thru with trampoline in
tow, yo looked at me again and laughed
and said 'wow, you look bounced.'

so why was i surprised when i started
walkin' and my body wasn't quite workin'
right again.

the shoulders leaning again into the world
the hips followin' behind thinking 'well,
yeah, maybe i'll come along, but don't rush

this wasn't workin'.

guys. guys.
we're just not aligned here.

so i concentrated.
got the shoulders to pull back over the hips.

ahhhhhh that feels better.

got the body to tune in to the spirit.
got the mind to tune into the body and spirit.

and we started flowin' down the street.

that is the coolest thing.

i have to concentrate on it to make it happen.
and when i stop, well all the parts scatter


what a concept tho.

and i keep wondering......
i must be so scattered every day all day all
over the place.

what if i could align all of me during my days???

a little here and a little there.....
i'll keep trying.

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