Thursday, April 30, 2009

unsticking my stuck self

we met up quick last nite.
just to make some kinda contact.

and i thought of the idea of not
really knowing anyone or anything.
(a post or two below)

so i sat there looking at him
like i didn't know him.

oh wow.
was that wonderful.

talk about fresh eyes.

of course, it was hard to concentrate
on what he was sayin'.


i looked at his eyes.
wow, they're so nice.
friendly and kind.
sometimes i forget cause he can
be really guyish and gruff.

and i just forget to look.

ya see?

i limit it because i think i know.


his eyes rock. some of the best eyes
i've ever seen in my life.

and then he smiled that crooked smile
he's got and i really looked at it.
and of course, loved it.

i listened to what he was sayin' and
tried to get to know him all over again.

if life is constant change, if things are
moment to moment and always flowing....

why do i think i know someone so well??
isn't he changing too?
aren't i?

isn't the dance between me and anyone always

pullin' my feet outta the mud here.
at least for a little while....

and watchin' the world with new eyes.....

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