Thursday, April 30, 2009

the last frontier....

i have an area in my life i call
'the last frontier.'

my body image.

and no, i'm not ready to blog much
about it.

that's why it's the last frontier.
it's SO SO SO deep and difficult.

something came up for me recently that
showed me once again how deep it goes.
i'm always amazed it's as deep as it is.
and i was reminded once again that even
tho i swore to myself i'd approach the
issue with myself,i ran the other way.

i just saw this clip on brene brown's

i was stunned.

i went to youtube and found more.

i'm very very very mixed on dove putting
these out. they're part of the problem.
BUT....i'm very very glad these are out there.

it's kinda like the big polluting company
tellin' you they're goin green.
i get so crazy mixed up on that stuff.


my mouth fell open as i watched and i
could feel once again that last frontier
calling me......

for all who have daughters, for all who
have women in their lives, for all women

and then, please, check out brene.
she's too good to miss.


Anonymous said...

I think it's incumbent upon men to be telling their daughters what is important and what's not. I have found my opinion has alot of weight with my daughter at the moment. It's something that should start early, before she gets to be a teenager, because that attention is a fleeting thing. It's up to older men to set an example for what the young men in her future life should be forced to aspire to. If she doesn't know any better, she'll take whatever comes along. Just my 2 cents.

My Journey to Hope said...

Agh! I now understand what you meant by your deeply rooted issues. That definitely triggered mine- but in a painfully real, much needed way. Thanks for sharing. I will pass it on...


Anonymous said...

I've seen this one...oh maybe a year ago...but not the other that was on Brene's blog. I like that one as well.

No doubt they market the same way.

Mixed bag for sure but...I guess I don't see it any different than Apple giving all those computers to schools...sure their product...a tax write off...

It's *something*, the message is a good one and it's about darn time.

I think that counts more.

I definitely notice a different perception in my body image when I am going thru times of a perceived lack of self worth or abundance in my life.

I suspect it's deep for many of us...