Friday, April 3, 2009

just a little joy....

so i woke up this morning and decided
to make it a fun day. to laugh a lot with
the apes and to just really see all of them.

first ape up was bob. i joked on the phone
with him and goofed and pestered and hung
up laughing.

good start.
next ape, zakk, comes wanderin' in, bleary

it's just him and i in the room. i lean forward,
eyes big and whisper (for no apparent reason)
is yo yo awake?????

i get a groggy 'i don't think so' in reply.

my eyes light up!
well, let's go wake him!!!

we landed in his room, crashed on his bed,
bounced around, yelled, laughed, hollered
and sang.

well, okay, *we* didn't do that....*i* did.
grin. but zakk was there with me. he's just
quieter than i am.

i had made the mistake of tellin' zakk the
key words to the only scary story i ever heard
in my life when i was a kid. (after that one
i refused to hear any more!) 'drip, drip,
gurgle, gurgle.'

he had burst out laughing when i told him.
i musta been about seven when i heard it.
and it really scared me.
still does.

(anyone know that one???)

so he leans close and goes 'drip, drip, gurgle,

in reply i smack him real hard.
smacking, pushing, and general horseplay breaks
out as zakk is laughing and laughing and saying
what IS that anyway? a river?!!!

someones BLOOD!

he laughs harder.

'you gotta be kiddin?!'

jaded kid.
jaded little rat.

more smacking and shoving.

yo of course is loving this way of waking up.

i wish i could say we do this every morning.
nah. it's usually bleary eyed grunts.

but today is special.

someone i have grown to love a lot wants to live
again. and i want to honor that today.

i want to live in joy today.
besides, i have a friend who's been nudging me
that way lately. tellin' me it's a choice.
(thanks, cams)....

i admit it, i'm not good enough yet to make that
choice all the time.

BUT! i'm makin' it today!

and it feels real good.......

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