Thursday, April 2, 2009

she wants to live!

we talked tonite and i felt my heart leap
for joy. i really felt it do a little jump!

she said she wanted to live again.
she said she is looking forward to things
now and that she wanted that to grow more
and more.

it wasn't long ago when all she could think
of was dying. she said she thought about it
constantly during the day.

and now.......she wants to live again.

it felt so incredibly good to hear.

and i wanted to put it out here. i have no
idea who comes by and read this thing. but
i thought i'd put that out there on the off
chance someone who was really struggling stopped
by. someone who was really down.

this friend i was talking to tonite....
i've been in constant touch for a long time now.

hell landed at her feet one day and she had no
choice but to enter.

and she's been there for a long long time now.

and now she's seein' some light.
and we're laughing together.
and we're talking about plans she's making.

when before she didn't know how she'd make it
thru a day!

i mentioned to her that when she gets way stronger
maybe she'll want to tell others that you really
can get stronger.

'don't you wish someone who had been there
had told you that?' i asked her.
and yeah, she agreed....she really really did.

i thought i'd throw it out there too.
it wasn't me that walked thru that hell. i just
stood on the edges and waited.

but i can vouch for her....
and she's laughing tonite.

and my heart's doin' a little dance.
i've been waitin' a long time for this day...

celebratin' it with open arms!


Sarah said...

I have had a friend who has been in a similar situation and actually tried to stop living. She is still here and has also come to a point where she wants to live and I rejoiced on the day I heard her say that too. I understand that feeling and I also hope that others can find strength in stories like this one. It is a beautiful thing when the desire to live and to do things returns to someone who felt they had lost it. Thanks for sharing... made me smile and almost made me tear up too...

Merry ME said...

What a testimony. God bless the work she's done and God bless you for standing by.