Thursday, April 2, 2009

lessons from the apes

so, okay, i haven't forgotten the making space
theme....where you do no more than just make a
space for people to be.

actually, i was reminded of it yesterday when
a note came into my mailbox from someone i had
been tryin' to do that with and just about
given up on.

and there he was asking for some thoughts.

go figure.

so a correspondence started up.

later when i told josh about it, josh grinned
at me.

he said 'ya know, mom, i have a new nick name
for you! you deal with so many of us apes,
we should call you jane goodall.'

i laughed.

he's right.
i do have a lotta apes in my life.
and yeah, he's one of 'em.

but here's the thing....
these darn apes keep teachin' me.
the ape that came in yesterday was the perfect
reminder that making space matters.

and i had almost forgotten.

i could use that right now.

and so the apes are teachin' me again.....

1 comment:

Lisa said...

jane goodall hey ?
thats inspiration for you xx