Saturday, April 4, 2009

passionate balance

as i slip my stuffed monkey back to his place
(see post below) i look out the window at the
beautiful spring day.

ah, everything looks so different in the light.
and talk about life! it's all bursting out around

it makes me think of balance. how you have to
have all the sides of everything, but you have to
balance them.

i used to hate the balance idea. it seemed like it
took the passion outta things. like you had to be
some sorta unemotional drab balanced being to get
thru it all and understand it all.

but maybe you can be passionately balanced?!

maybe you can feel the pain, face the fear,
fight the demons with as much strength and
passion as you dance for joy, sit in peace,
soak up the moment.

maybe you can kiss someone goodbye as passionately
as when you kiss them when you're telling them you
love them.

that thought really hit.

and maybe that's how i can view balance.

not as a drab, unemotional thing where i lose
the zest of life.
but as something that helps me have zest thru
it all. and doesn't just let the heavy stuff get
all the energy.

but lets the zest zip on thru every aspect of
life. including death.

passionate balance.
hmmmmm......i'm gonna think on that today.

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