Tuesday, April 28, 2009

sharin' some guy culture....

okay, i know i'm not the only one who lives
with guys.

i think maybe i'm just one of the more dense
women living with guys.

they CONSTANTLY amaze me with the world they live

i grew up with two older brothers, but i really
didn't know much about their lives.

how did i not know there's this whole car
culture out there??? i knew a little bit as
my older brother was a car nut. but i didn't really
know about all the vrooming they do
to each other on the road. i didn't know racing
was an art. i thought it was just a buncha gorillas
driving fast.

how did i not know they can sit forever punching
each other and trying to see who can take it more?
and how could i not know that that's a greeting
and a way of communicating??

when bob comes over and all the guys are here,
my mind just boggles up and i can't believe the
culture among them.

the guyspeak.
the humor.
the totally different outlooks.
oh my.

and then there's parkour....

you've got to see this.

part of me gasps and freezes up for them,
thinking they're gonna break their darn
necks...and then part of me would love to have
the confidence and knowing of their body
that these guys have.

so....like with most things in the guy's lives...
part of me gets a kick out of it and is in a
little bit of awe...and part
of me wonders how guys have managed to stay
alive and evolve.....

every one of the guys in my life gets glued to
this kinda thing....

just had to share....
there is NOTHING like young male energy!


Merry ME said...

Even at the best of times, they are all still cave men! Not sure what that says about us girls who love them so!

peggi said...

I firmly believe that, hormonally (is that even a word?!), ALL guys are stuck in the 8th grade. Kind of like that real age thing - 13 is their hormonal age! If you can remember that, it makes it easier to deal with them.....sometimes!