Monday, May 18, 2009

how do we fly?

bouncin' on the trampoline this morning
turned into a weird kinda praying on the
trampoline this morning.

woe. i know.

but it was as if something unhooked or
popped open or something and this flood
of feelings came pouring out. and the
feeling of wanting to just open my eyes
and see....and fly.....overwhelmed me.

heading out on my walk, i went to the
image of butterfly woman. (an image i
now consider part of me....she's referenced
in past blogs)....

she's not the sticky folded-in image
anymore....she's dry, ready for flight,
just not ready to take off yet.

how do we fly?

and then immediately this image of a heavy
rope around my neck tied to a boulder popped
into my mind.

that won't do.
and i slipped it right off.

i knew what it was.
and slipped it right off...

the deal here is not to walk around with
boulders around my neck if i want to fly.

it came off easily.
do i put the boulder over here nearby?
or do i get rid of it?

and then it occurred to me......
the boulder is only a boulder cause i made
it one.
it coulda been a neck tie.
it coulda been a necklace.

but i made it a boulder.
and i realized that when i was bouncin'
and prayin'....i was prayin' in my own
weird way for me to change the boulders into
something else.

and that change is up to me.
it's not about anybody or anything.
it's up to me.

am i ready to fly?

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