Sunday, May 17, 2009

the turtles WERE there.....

he said he used to have a crush on me.
who knew?
i sure didn't.

he said he used to go to the creek with
me to look for turtles just to be with

i laughed. no way. i don't remember that
at all.

josh laughed.
said nothing's changed. she's still the
same way. goes looking for turtles in
the wrong places and doesn't realize
people care.

i defended myself with the turtles.
saying they WERE down there.
i DID look for them in the right place.
(i love turtles)

but the people caring part....
i didn't address.

i wonder why that's hard for people to hold?
it's not just me.
it's people.

and i wonder why.

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