Tuesday, June 16, 2009

it's raining it's pouring.....

the supervisor's already stressed to the max.
they're behind on the street project and it
just keeps raining.

they were workin' away today when it started
to pour. they worked a bit more, but had to
call it quits.

he was parked in his truck in the middle of
the road. he had just had some run ins with
some cars that wanted to use the road and
couldn't. there was horn honking and a lotta
negative energy happenin' out there on my
little street.

i pictured his stress level as he sat in
his truck listening to the pounding rain.

i grabbed my big multi-colored umbrella
and headed out in my denim jumper, my nobby
knees and my bare feet. even i thought i
prolly looked like a kid.

i wanted to go remind him to relax and not
stress it. that that wasn't good for him.

i walked up to his truck window and there
for a moment, i got the gift of the day...

first time since i've been talkin' to him
for weeks now that i saw all the stress
leave his face. he looked at me and laughed
and there was nothing but delight on his

he laughed and said 'what on earth are you
doin' out in this?!"

'saw a bit of a stress happenin'....
thought i'd check in.'

his phone was ringing and he was dealing with
delays....i didn't stay.....just smiled,
patted him, and waved see ya later to him.

but walking back to my house thru the streams
of muddy water i was thinking how cool it was
to see a moment of just fun on his face.

the rain is pouring down on my roof right now.
i'm not a bit sorry they got slowed down.
it secretly tickles me.
okay, maybe not that secretly....

but i can still be nice.
and those flowers on the machinery??
still there, boppin' up and down with the raindrops.

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