Tuesday, June 16, 2009

they're making me weird.....

i've been tryin' to work with him...
tryin' to keep the channels open between
us....which includes relating a bit,
ya know????

he's all testosterone.
ALL testosterone.
it makes relating a little hard for me
sometimes...but i try.

we chatted this morning on the phone
and he told me about this awesome cool
vid he saw of some guy crushing pans with
his bare hands.

what is wrong with men?!!

so i joked with him a bit about it and off
he went runnin' with it all....just like he
does with this stuff.....

he talked of working out with weights and
buildin' up to crush pans too.

there was a lotta enthusiasm about muscles
and lifting and that kinda thing..

and then he says all bright and cheery...

'we have lotsa pans here. anyone breaks in,
i'm all set i can just crush a pan and use
that to defend myself.'

'forget the pan,' i said seriously,
'you can just crush his skull.'

oh man.

that is TOTALLY uncharacteristic of me.
and he LOVED IT!

he said 'oh! you're right!!!' and then he paused
realizing *i* said that. 'that was a really good
one' he told me. like he was encouraging me.

i laughed.

then i went up to do math with zakk.
he reached over pulled my nose and turned my face
towards his. still holding my nose, he looked at
me, aimed a pencil right close to my eye
and said 'don't make me poke your eye out, mom.'

and we both just started laughing.

i looked at him and said 'what is with you guys?!'

and my girlfriends wonder why i slug them now
in the shoulders when i see them!

living with teen age testosterone can really
make you weird.....

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