Tuesday, June 23, 2009

a really good point....

i woke up from an intense dream this morning.
in the dream i was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.
i keep goin' back and forth between thinking
it was ovarian and then uterine. but i think it
was ovarian.

anyway........the bottom line........i was filled
with gratitude for living and life and i wanted
to spend a lot of time visualizing and feeling
really good things in my body....working with
my body and joining with it in feeling the glory
of being alive.

i woke up with that. noticed how incredible
the bed felt. how cozy the covers were.

i restarted reading 'the road less traveled'
yesterday with the guys. he starts the book with
the sentence 'life is suffering' and explains
once we get that concept down, it's not so bad
as we aren't always fighting the suffering.

somehow i think that floated into the dream
of mine....

life is suffering. and in the suffering is the
ability to experience real living.

not sure if i've totally got an understanding of
that so that i can articulate it.

i think i'm just beginning to see what people
mean when they talk like that.

i think they might have a really good point.

embracing that thought today..........

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