Friday, June 19, 2009

right to the core....

ran down to my elderly neighbor real quick.
the construction guys cut her phone line by

dropped of my cell phone for her to use.

told her i couldn't stay as i was off to
finish a few things before my 'meeting'

she knows all about it.
the ins and outs.
and what i'm tryin' to do.

she looked at me and said 'tell him that
the very first thing that he needs to
do is love himself.'

i just stopped and looked at her.


that would be the very first thing.

and that, right there, is the problem.

i wonder how i can weave that in so he
can hear it.....

i doubt i can.
but i'm gonna try.
i am so gonna try.

i walked back home shakin' my head.
she went right to the core of it in
a heartbeat.

it's gotta start with self love.

everything has to start there......

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