Friday, June 19, 2009


yo's got a song playin' in the other room
that's so full of anger and pain....

i love it.

to me it's such a psychological song.

it's about a kid who's been molested by
a priest.
it's dark and ugly and full of anger.

and i really really like it.


cause i think it conveys the devastation
someone would feel. it covers the anger and
the hatred and the feeling of not wanting
to forgive and wanting revenge. it covers
hypocrisy and complete frustration.

it's real.

i guess if there was a complaint about it
it might be that the song spreads hatred.

i don't see it that way....
i see it as touching someone's real feelings
and acknowledging them.

you can't touch what you haven't held.

ya gotta work with that side too.
music seems an awesome way to reach that

it's actually become one of my favorite songs
because of the way it touches in so incredibly
on something so hard deal with.

there are so many sides to us.

of course, i want to help the kid out in the
song and teach him about moving forward.

but that's a different song........

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