Tuesday, July 28, 2009

hauntingly weird....

so josh posts a picture of him bein' cool
at my high school.

we had the breezeway where kids hung out
and smoked.

no, i didn't smoke. so no, i didn't hang
out with the cool kids on the breezeway.
but a friend of mine did and we went over
to the breezeway to hear some of his stories
and he showed us his spot on the wall.

where he leaned every day and held the wall up.

josh went over and leaned there and did his
best to look cool without the cig.

so he just posted this on facebook.

i just sat there and looked at it.

how totally weird is that???

i remember being 16 and wonderin' what i would
look like at 30. i actually remember that.
how about 30 years AFTER high school....

when i sit and see my grown son leanin' against
the breezeway goofin' on us old folks....

sounds like just a cute story....

but i tell ya......it feels very very hauntingly
weird to me....

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