Tuesday, July 28, 2009

it makes me laugh

i laughed out loud on my walk this morning.

i thought of josh.

he and i have very similar energy.
he's more outgoing and less shy....so he's
a bit more extreme. okay. he's a lot more

but there's some kinda energy that's the same.
and we have a lotta the same kinda thoughts....
so it's way fun for me to do something with him.

my favorite moment of the whole high school reunion
was with him.

we pulled into the parking lot of my high school
and i said something immature and josh looked over
at me and seriously said with concern 'mom,
you're regressing.'

and i burst out laughing.

and i was!
i was regressing.

i'm back now.
regression over.
but that one line, that one moment, that one i
want to keep.

it makes me laugh.

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